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LTMW Liberty Walk 458 Italia

Even after the shittiest day at work today she managed to turn my night around! And then me spinning third and pulling on another BMW was a bonus haha

The two Porsche’s which I think are the nicest ones for sale right now!

-Silver 997 Carrera with TechArt front bumper side skirts and GT3 wing
-Red 997 Carrera S Cabriolette with suspension lip kit GT2 wing and carbon fiber interior peices! 

Price difference between the two of them is $9k with the red Cabriolette being more money.

Tough choice fersure lol

Straight up night ruined. Thanks you dumbfuck bitch. If you cant handle yur liquor then shut the fuck up and get the fuck out. Rather than tryna fight everyone and killing our kickback.


Next up on my list is an E38 7 Series, and a Porsche 911 or Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

Sister cars and older brothers. Do it right, do it with the Ultimate Driving Machine. BMW.. “If you got speed, then God speed” 

Me an the big brotha posted! Euro | Dynamics 
E92 and E46 nothing but family!

"If you got speed, then God Speed"







"V10 in a box" is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

I want a v10 in a box lol

One of the sickest builds I’ve seen on here, worthy of another reblog.

Yup I’m done.

(Source: zimbio.com, via noviceczech)

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