**Never Give Up**

Cars, success, friends you consider family, girls, parties, and making your dreams come true!

Went to my bank to see about possibly picking up my homies WRX wagon. He just bought a 2015 STI so he doesn’t need it anymore lol and on top of that someone is selling two 2JZ motors for 500 bucks so maybe pick up a Supra project if he still has the motors? lol

Still working full time at Lexus. Doing office work on the side, sort of the hiring manager even though i dont call myself a manager. AND now I got offered a car detailing position to pay me even more income. Opportunities are everywhere!

My E46 still a work in progress!

I listen to a lot of underground artists or ones not too many people know about..

And their music always gets to me… the tone… the lyrics… they all remind me of the past and how much ive fucked up and how much ive lost…

My future holds a path i have yet to travel, and i’ll prove to you, and everyone else that the impossible is possible, and that in the end, i’ll be okay… Even if the pain follows me all the way.

The homies Stage 4 WRX Wagon! Definitely a badass grocery getter and daily haha

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